Dr. Mary Jackson

A Candle in the Grub Box

9 inches (23 cm) x 6 inches (15 cm) – 144 Pages

“A Candle in the Grub Box” is the first volume in the Frank Jackson story. It relates how, in 1904, Frank Jackson left Southeastern England with his family and moved to Medicine Hat, Alberta. There he made a deal with the School Inspector to be able to opt out of school. He worked in a hardware store where he learned something new everyday. He acquired cattle, then moved them north to Red Deer Lake. Later, with a young family, he moved again to Keg River Alberta – hundreds of miles further north.

Candle in the Grub Box follows the struggles of Frank who often coped because of the strength of his personality. He rescued himself from a painful accident fifty miles from help in - 40 degree weather with nothing more than guts, ingenuity, and his faithful dog team.

In this book you will meet Sheridan Lawrence, Allie Brick, John Brown, Baldy Red, Xavier Sowan, Moise Richards and so many more! There are chuckles, too, as Frank relates one story after another.

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